Airport stops suspended by agreement between the government and Aasana staff

The Minister of Public Works, Services and Housing, Edgar Montaño, reported that an agreement had been reached with the workers’ association of Aasana (Fenta) and that the strike that had been announced at the country’s airports would be suspended.

“After an agreement has been reached between the parties, Fenta and its affiliates, suspend all measures of pressure, interruption, strike or blockade.” it says in the protocol published by the Ministry of Public Works.

Five points were achieved from the meeting, including the formation of a joint work table between the executives and executives of the AASANA employees in order to make a proposal for the restructuring of the institution compatible.

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Work begins this Thursday and is expected to be completed on August 20th. Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) Executive Secretary Juan Carlos Huarachi, who attended the meeting, added that the work will be done by time and subject.

“We have signed a memorandum of agreement and with that we end every blockade or strike situation. We have reached an agreement ”, confirmed the Minister for Public Works, Services and Housing, Édgar Montaño.

The Chairman of the National Association of AASANA Workers, Omar Alcón, confirmed the signing of the agreement, which aims to preserve the sustainability of the institution.

“Based on this agreement and accompanied by our COB CEO, we have accepted this agreement that we will end the national strike of activities,” he said.

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Should no agreement be reached in dialogue, Montaño had expected hours beforehand that an emergency plan would be activated that would guarantee operations at all airports in the country.


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