Aguilera rules out

The law on the general career and promotion of the Bolivian police will not be “subordinated” to the government of the day, assured police commander-general Jhonny Aguilera, who said that the government minister’s assignments within the police force will be coordinated.

“I guarantee it (it is not subject to submission) because Article 33 clearly and specifically sets out what powers the commanding general has, which are the same as those attributed to the Bolivian police force in organic law today,” he said. .

The new legislative initiative – approved in the House of Representatives – was aimed in the last few days to be questioned by the opposition and the passive sector of the regulatory authority in view of complaints about a possible submission to the then government.

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One of the articles in question in the bill is 11, which indicates that the organic unit and police command are directed by the minister or government minister; then follows the general commander, deputy commander and chief or chief of the general staff and then a non-commissioned officer of the general staff.

According to Aguilera, the government minister has “no powers” within the police command and will only be responsible for “coordination and the possibility of interaction” with the police units.

“Sure you will see a regulatory act that defines the areas of responsibility, but I see them as coordination powers and the possibility of interaction as a bridge between the units of the police and the other levels, both in the executive board and in the judiciary and legislation,” he said .

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Aguilera insisted that the police, both in Bolivia and around the world, were “apolitical” and had “no relationship with the government”. In this context, he assured that he will comply with the order given by the current standard itself.

The bill in question is in the Senate and was postponed until after the parliamentary recess.


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