Aguilera assures that they want to know the destination of the gases brought from Ecuador

Police commander-general Johnny Aguilera said they were trying to locate the destination of equipment supplied by Ecuador during the period of the transitional government led by Jeanine Áñez.

In a brief contact with the media, the commander announced that they were trying to find out the fate of the tear gas equipment brought from Ecuador.

As for the number of people involved, Aguilera did not want to give precise details, but assured that there are police and military personnel who are involved.

“This is a number I am not giving you information, but I am fully aware that a team from both the police and the armed forces have moved to Ecuador in a C130 (Hercules) plane and are delivering whoever was administered “was added at that time in Ecuador. Likewise, the person who piloted the ship is currently performing diplomatic functions in Chile, ”he said.

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