After reading the GIEI report, the Church calls for a restructuring of the judiciary

After knowing the report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), Archbishop of Sucre and President of the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference Ricardo Centellas said it was time to give serious thought to the reorganization of the judiciary.

He pointed out that the report provided international support for Bolivia’s urgent need to reform the judicial system impartially. He argued that no one is currently defending the justice system.

“We need to think seriously about how the judiciary in Bolivia can be restructured so that it is truly a completely impartial, independent judiciary, the target of so many events that have caused so much suffering to the Bolivian family,” Centellas said. The GIEI report not only points to serious human rights violations in 2019, but also mentions the lack of independence of the judiciary and its political use as a practice that continues to this day.

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“The experts’ report touches on many points and does not touch on others, but in the end it says that if the judiciary is reformed it will continue, if not we will continue to fix ourselves on certain facts, but not on” all the facts, that we have seen in the last few decades, ”said the Archbishop.

Regarding responsibilities for human rights abuses, Centellas stated that a serious investigation, with fully impartial and independent judicial processes, must be opened into the political issue, as well as group and personal interests.

“In a serious investigation, justice must be done to find those to blame for so many events that have caused weeping pain in Bolivia,” he said.

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