After protests in two prisons, the prison regime will accept the inmates' demands

Penitentiary Department Director Franz Laura announced this Tuesday that he will meet with representatives of inmates at Miraflores Prison and San Pedro Prison to comply with their demands after the protests she staged against “privileges” would have the former president Jeanine Añez.

Since Monday, inmates of Miraflores Prison, where Añez is being held in preventive detention, have held protests to demand equal treatment for the prison’s 52 prisoners.

“We are already planning these meetings to meet the demands of those deprived of liberty point by point,” said Laura.

The prisoners even declared that they were in a state of emergency and demanded “peaceful coexistence” and “equal treatment” in view of the attention given to the ex-president.

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That Tuesday, prisoners from San Pedro Prison also organized a mobilization for the “benefits” that Añez receives in Miraflores Prison. They also demanded that the ex-president return to Miraflores prison and not grant her any further benefits.


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