After more than a week of conflict, the government repeals Law 1386

Prime Minister María Nela Prada reported on Tuesday evening that incumbent President David Choquehuanca had signed and proclaimed the repeal of Law 1386.

“The incumbent President, Brother David Choquehuanca, has just signed and promulgated the law; Therefore, as the national government, we announce that Law 1386 has been repealed and that the law repealing it, 1409, has already been published in the official gazette of the plurinational state of Bolivia, “Prada said at a press conference to display the document.

The head of the state department left the place without answering any questions.

On Saturday, President Luis Arce announced the repeal of the law by recognizing comments in four of the standard’s seven articles after meeting with various government-related social sectors.

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The mobilized sectors decided to keep pressurizing until the repeal of the law comes into force and is published in the Official Gazette of Bolivia. Others, like the citizens of Santa Cruz and Potosí and cooperative miners, are calling for the package of un-enforced laws to be repealed and for the 2/3 to be replaced in national legislation.


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