After announcing the subpoena, Pumari replies that he is not afraid

Former President of the Potosinista Committee (Comcipo) Marco Antonio Pumari said that after the announcement by the public prosecutor, he was not afraid to call him as a witness in the case of the alleged “coup”.

What if I’m afraid of their threats? Just afraid of God and my mother. My struggle is not from now on, it has always been, I was born in a country that does not deserve its fate and I will go on, march and protest until I change the fate of my Potosí. I am a man of struggle, “wrote the Excívico on his Twiiter account.

This Wednesday, prosecutor Omar Mejillones confirmed that they would summon Pumari to testify in the case of the alleged “coup”.

In 2019, Pumari and Luis Fernando Camacho were the protagonists of civil protests denouncing electoral fraud by Evo Morales, who eventually resigned as president.


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