Adepkoka;  with reference to the government suspending their elections and Lluta's group holding a vigil

The Adepcoca government-affiliated electoral committee suspended its elections scheduled for today and convened a new meeting of partners in La Paz to elect a new board after conflicts in the region, while the Armín Lluta sector held a vigil in the villa. established Fátima cocoa market.

“In view of the harassment that our brothers are suffering in the polling stations, it was decided to call a meeting and elect the new leadership by acclamation,” said the president of this constituency of coca farmers, Rómulo Pañuni, quoted by El Should.

The gathering was scheduled for Monday, September 13th at 9:00 am on the Chuquiaguillo field, the same sports field where Elena Flores’ election related to MAS took place two years ago.

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Meanwhile, in the area of ​​Villa Fátima, coca farmers from the opposition sector are holding a vigil against the election.

“We held a peaceful vigil in our market to protect and oppose this election, which is illegal under our organic statute,” said a leader who was in contact with Red Uno.

“According to the organization’s statutes, the election of the board must be made by acclamation in a meeting that brings together all Adepcoca members, but Elena Flores’ group tried to carry out this process by breaking this mechanism and appealed to the election by secret Vote, the initiative did not work and now they will go back to the old acclamation system, ”explained El Deber.

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