Adepcoca is giving the government 48 hours to replace the Digcoin

The coca farmers, affiliated with the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) not affiliated with the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), give the government 48 hours to recruit the staff of the General Directorate for Marketing and Industrialization of Coca Leaf (Digcoin) in the Villa. restore Fátima market, otherwise they will resume mobilizations.

After 15 days of conflict, confrontation with the police and the recapture of the Adepcoca headquarters from the hands of the MAS-linked leader Arnold Alanes and the guarantee of the presence of Digcoin, the group of organic coca farmers condemned that the officials who do not go for one day anymore and on the contrary, they have been transferred to Kalajahuira.

“This is a provocation, they are opposed to the resolution that restores the commercialization of the coca leaf in this market (…). We are giving 48 hours to rectify this situation, otherwise we will return to the mobilizations, ”warned Electoral Committee Chairman Wilson Mollehuanca.

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After the governor-affiliated coca-growing sector was evicted from Adepcoca headquarters, Alanes contacted the Department of Rural Development to purchase property to develop the coca market.

According to the apocryphal leader, they will open their market in Urujara on Tuesday next week before reaching Villa Fátima, a place where those associated with the MAS would sell coca.

“It is not about creating another Adepcoca, but it is the same one that will move to another location in accordance with Article 24 of Law 906, which states that” the Ministry of Rural Development and Land is the only one that authorizes, controls and regulates the coca leaf markets ”for which they await the government’s decision.

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In this context, the President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, said that he saw “no legal problem” in the “relocation” of the cocoa market within Villa Fátima.

“When it comes to creating a new market and in another sector it is undoubtedly against the general law of the coca leaf, but when it comes to moving the market to another sector in the same area, I don’t think so that it will be a problem, “the Senate President told Panamericana Radio.

Attack against Adepcoca

At dawn on Thursday, the Adepcoca building was exploded with dynamite, affecting four houses and a motor vehicle.


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