Adepcoca elects a new leader after overcoming MAS meddling attempts

After intense days of violence, the intention to take over Adepcoca by the government and the parallelism on the board, she has her new board at the head of Freddy this Monday in a Magna meeting of the legally recognized coca cultivation organization. elected Machicado, representative of the coca farmers of the Chamaca plant. However, MAS-appointed leader Arnold Alanes claims to be the legitimate president.

The process was developed in Villa Fátima near their headquarters with the participation of hundreds of members of the departmental association of coca producers (Adepcoca) of the Yunga de La Paz, in which a majority decided to hand over command of the institution to Machicado, who was Armin Lluta im Will replace the presidency portfolio.

The Board of Directors will be integrated alongside Machicado by Reynaldo Laura as Vice Chairman; Luis Alberto Olivar, permanent secretary; Erlin Pari, Minister of Finance; Rolly Aguilar, from the organization; Juan Cocarico, from the press; Gabriel Mamani, from Actas; Damián Condori, first member, and Gonzalo Lupaca, second member.

This new directory comes into being after the various unsuccessful attempts by the MAS to acquire Adepcoca, with elections held by its members, as well as meetings sponsored by Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo to organize the elections in the private establishment.

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In this context, the new leader indicated in his speech that his main tasks will be the search for the unity of the Yungas and the industrialization of the coca leaf.

Machicado said he will defend Daynor Choque, a young Coripata leader who faces criminal proceedings and then the government ministry.

“Let Brother Daynor Choque listen from here, tomorrow we will see his case and not only his case, but also many colleagues who are dragging out litigation,” he said after his symbolic obsession with Adepcoca facilities in the area from Villa Fátima, the official act takes place today in Coripata.


Despite this electoral process, MAS chairman Arnold Alanes convened a parallel gathering in the Urujara area near a warehouse he had acquired for Adepcoca’s parallel headquarters, an opportunity on which he showed a model for a possible future Coca factory headquarters.

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The related representative, recognized by the ministers for government and rural development after the capture of Adepcoca, goes on to say that he is president of the institution.

Interest in Adepcoca

Five years have passed since the government of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) attacked the coca farmers of the departmental association of coca producers of La Paz (Adepcoca) with police repression, legal proceedings and interventions on the coca market in Villa Fatima. started .

– The Coca Law marked the beginning of the break between the Yungueño coca farmers and the MAS.

– In 2018 legal proceedings began against Franclin Gutiérrez and the intent of the blue party to take control of Adepcoca was revealed.

– On July 31, 2019, a parallel board will be elected under the command of Elena Flores.

– In December 2020, resolutions will be passed in favor of Flores and the election of Armin Lluta as President of Adepcoca. canceled


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