Adepcoca calls on its member organizations to protest against illegal markets

From October 18th, the member organizations of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) of La Paz will begin their mobilization to demand respect for the legal market established in Villa Fátima. They doubt the government-affiliated group, with support from the Ministry of Rural Development, is attempting to open a sales center in Urujara, an area acquired by MAS apocryphal leader Arnold Alanes.

“The regionals of the three provinces (…) are calling 100 percent of the members of the three provinces of the Yungas of La Paz together for the great march that is to take place on Monday, October 18th at 8:00 am with a concentration in Adepcoca . in rejection and rejection of a third market, which was acquired with government funds through the Ministry of Rural Development, “said Wilson Mollehuanca, member of the electoral committee, reading the resolution of a meeting.

He added that the sector was on constant vigilance, claiming that the ministry had sent several notes to enforce the regulations prior to the decision to mobilize.

“We will not allow it as an ancestral original zone; we will continue this fight. We joined the Yungas and they want us to reduce our positions through the red and surplus zones. We will continue the fight in defense of this adepcoca, which is the only one, so we will not allow the resolution that restored the commercialization of this market to be postponed, ”said another member of the electoral committee.

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On the other hand, they announced that this would be the first measure to enforce the Adepcoca market; otherwise they will take other action.

“The government is not paying attention anytime soon, we will make it very clear, we will have a meeting on Monday, other measures will be taken immediately,” he said in good time to point out that there is even a blockade of roads throughout the Yungas area .

Release sale

It has also been reported that if the government continues to encourage sales of coca leaf in areas other than Adepcoca’s legal market, affiliates will sell in different sectors.

“With what patience do we see that Digcoin (General Directorate for Marketing and Industrialization of the Coca Leaf) enables sales on the street. Do not rush to break the rules, gentlemen of the government, do not rush, because otherwise we will liberate the markets in El Alto, the southern area, where my producer partners are going, we will send them because We are starting to disobey the rules, ”said Wilmer Vargas, representative of the Self-Defense Committee.

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He added that they will not allow the use of the name Adepcoca and that if they want to open another market they should use another one because “the government is not interested in growing illegal crops, we are already being outdone,” said he

They ask the FIU to investigate Alanes

Deputy Alejandro Reyes (CC) and Senator Félix Ajpi (MAS) agreed that the Financial Investigations Unit (UIF) should investigate where MAS-affiliated leader Arnold Alanes got money to buy the land he says that it will be the new cocoa market, a property that cost $ 800,000.

On Tuesday, Alanes opened the new coca market in the Urujara area of ​​the city of La Paz, as part of a dispute he has with the organic leaders of the departmental association of coca producers (Adepcoca) over control of the coca market Villa Fátima operates.

The property has about 4 thousand square meters.


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