According to the government, the rise in Covid-19 cases is due to the November strike

The increase in new Covid-19 cases, especially in Santa Cruz, is a consequence of the strike and the blockades registered in this department, assured the deputy minister for health insurance and administration of the unified health system, Alejandra Hidalgo.

“The cases are increasing, to date we have reported 1,489 new positive COVID cases. Among these (cases) the largest number is in the Santa Cruz department: 890 cases The recent events, the strikes, blockades that the department had, “he told state media.

At the beginning of November there was a cross-sector strike with blockades, particularly in Santa Cruz, proclaimed by the civic and trade union sectors, against Law 1386 to Combat the Legitimation of Illegal Profits.

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Hidalgo said the blockades prevented people from having access to free diagnostic tests and vaccines against the coronavirus being delivered.

The deputy minister urged the population to get vaccinated to avoid complications with the virus.

“In order to reduce and continue the fight against the pandemic, this new variant, namely Omicron, which has now been introduced, contains the globally proven drug the vaccine contains and is present in all nine departments,” he added.

The authority, which was interviewed on the Bolivian television program “Primer Plano”, said that to date about 6.9 million vaccines against the coronavirus are available nationwide, which is why he invited the population to vaccinate.

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