According to the Deputy Minister, smuggling leaves a loss of $ 1.5 billion

The deputy minister for taxation policy, Jhonny Morales, said according to a calculation by the national customs, it is estimated to be at least 1,500 million dollars affected.

This data differs from that of the private sector, which indicates losses are reaching $ 2.3 billion.

“Smuggling is an illegal activity, it leaves no bill, there is an estimate of $ 2.3 billion in the private sector, we do a study from customs and it is estimated that it is $ 1.5 billion,” he said in one Interview on the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.


Morales reported that according to the report by the National Statistics Institute (INE), Bolivia’s economy grew by 5.3% in the first four months of this government.

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“In April, the first four months, the INE report tells us that the economy grew by 5.3%, that is, we were forecasting 4.4%. The World Bank and the IMF yesterday gave us higher growth rates than we expected. We grew by 5.3%, this is a first indicator of whether we are doing well or not, our exports have increased by 51% as of May. The trade balance is positive, we export more than we import, ”he added.


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