According to Health, the CNS has autonomy, but this does not prevent the case from being investigated

The Minister of Health and Sports Jeyson Auza said Monday that the transparency unit of this state department will conduct the necessary administrative investigations into alleged “ghost contracts” held by the National Health Fund (CNS) in the city of La Paz. He warned that they will be adamant and that all perpetrators will be identified when these acts of corruption are investigated.

“We will be irreconcilable with this situation. Although the National Health Fund has its legal autonomy, its technical autonomy, its administrative autonomy, its economic autonomy, this does not make the National Health Fund an island and we from the Ministry of Health, from our Transparency Unit, we become the one carry out necessary investigations, “said the authority in an interview with Unitel.

He said that although the CNS has technical, administrative and economic autonomy, it will facilitate the investigation of this alleged corruption network, for which “general and specific audits” will be carried out.

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So far, the ministry has identified 23 cases by first and last name. It doesn’t rule out more cases being found. He asked if people were hiding any records about the case. He pointed out that this would not affect the investigation and disrupt “structures of corruption”.

“It is childish to believe that some people, by hiding documents, will try to obstruct this investigation with the aim of profit, with the aim of creating corruption with the money of the National Health Fund insured, we will these structures identify these people, we will deconstruct these groups and we will sanction them in an exemplary manner if these suspicions are proven, “said Auza.

He also assured that the investigation will be facilitated for the State Ministry to clear up this matter and to determine all those responsible. “We are interested in knowing the truth of the facts,” he said.

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It was found that Antonio Parada Vaca, the main union of the 800 “ghost articles” in the municipality of Santa Cruz, also worked as HR manager with the former CNS General Manager Roberto Carlos Rojas Justiniano, where “ghost contracts” “were made on behalf of people who have left their curriculum at the institution without the applicants knowing about it.

This fact was known to a victim who was unable to receive her starvation bonus because she was listed as a CNS officer. She denounced the incident and the ministry investigated until the irregularities were found.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, there are around 80 ghost contracts and the alleged economic damage to the state is “around 137,000 baht”. So far, nine people have been charged, three of whom are already in preventive detention.


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