According to Almagro, Evo knew about the scam

The revelations of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the book “Luis Almagro does not ask for forgiveness” are a sign that a “monumental election fraud” was planned and carried out in Bolivia on October 20, 2019. Since then, the then President Evo

Morales, who was considered the winner before knowing the official Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) results, knew the signs of fraud.

According to the report by Página Siete, “(Almagro and his team) affirm that between October 20th and November 9th they sent the message to the Bolivian government that a second round should be held, as the evidence indicated that it was fraud. However, they showed no acceptance from those around Morales.

He added that Morales asked to call the OAS contact he reached out to and said, “Stop this report, take a good look” because if they spread it, “he said” they will Set Bolivia on fire “and there will be dead.

“This version, which will be released very soon, shows that the ruling MAS and Morales planned a major electoral fraud to stay in power, they did so months in advance with the participation of public institutions and outside support. For this reason, they asked for time so that the information about the fraud would not be disclosed, ”said Óscar Balderas, MP from the Civic Community (CC).

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He recalled that, among other irregularities, logs and a complaint from a group of Mexican citizens operating from the Real Plaza Hotel were found in the Justice Department offices.

Manuel Morales del Conade said that Almagro’s account in the book will show that when Evo saw the fraud uncovered, he had to resort to a new narrative, an alleged coup, to rid himself of any responsibility.

“The fraud was systematically prepared with the elements of the electoral courts at its disposal, as well as the dismissal of technical staff such as the managers of the database and the technical security of the Supreme Electoral Court,” he said.

Balderas and Morales agreed that with this new revelation, the theory of a coup d’état is increasingly falling away, despite the story of the arms deliveries from Argentina, the alleged launch of a missile on the Mexican plane that moved to Evo Mexico, among other things.

“The Bolivians know that the reality was not only fraud in the presidential campaign, but also in the Chamber of Deputies, because the count showed how the votes cast for the president were converted to legislators, then it was pretty much a Monday,” said the representative of Conade.

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The electoral representatives of the OAS and the European Union (EU) stated at the time that there had been irregularities in the election process of October 20, 2019, which called their legitimacy into question.


The AFP (international news agency) wrote about the book in November 2020 and released more details, consulted by Uruguayan journalists Martín Natalevich and Gonzalo Ferreira, to the diplomat and general secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro.

One of these concerns possible direct political interference.

Almagro replied: “No, no. I’m up to what the observation mission tells me. I’m not telling the observation mission the results. “

“But if a record is fake, it’s fake. If there were hidden servers, there were hidden servers. If those hidden servers got hundreds of thousands of votes, they did. Ready. We are based on facts. And we’re up to what they say. If they said: ‘Evo won’, Evo won and that’s it, the story is over ”.

For Almagro, the presence of the OAS was crucial due to the events of the referendum on February 21, 2016.


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