According to a lawyer, more than 100 coca farmers have been arrested because of the Adepcoca conflict

Evelin Cossío, a lawyer for the association of coca producers in the department of La Paz (Adepcoca), assured that the police had arrested more than 100 producers in the 12 days of the conflict over the headquarters of the coca factory and alleged that the ministry was unable to if to prove objectively that they had committed crimes, many of them were released.

Of the 100 people arrested, 60 were charged with possession and, in some cases, criminal association.

However, only one of them, leader Daynor Chuquimia, has been transferred to San Pedro Prison in preventive detention after being charged with allegedly carrying or carrying illegally. He has to wait two months in preventive detention in this prison.

“During all this time, the State Department has not demonstrated these extremes. In these circumstances, the judicial authority was reasonably reasonable in many cases to give them pure and simple freedom, and in other cases they were given freedom at home, “said the lawyer for Los Times and Center Group’s A Media Mañana .

Deputy Minister of the Interior and Police, Nelson Cox, assured Wednesday evening that 30 coca producers have been identified who drove and carried dynamite.

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However, Adepcoca’s attorney assured that the prosecution has a responsibility to prove the commission or involvement of these individuals in these crimes and it will be she who will question this situation and monitor the allegations, which must be individually proven.

“We have to adhere strictly to the law,” said Cossio, assuring him that “if you have arrested about 30 people, you should tell me, ‘this person took part in such an act’.” If they tell me now that the 30 people were carrying explosives and they only found one dynamite, we would no longer be talking about illegal carrying and carrying, because to be able to accuse them of the crime at 30, they would have had to have dynamite at 30 found, “he comments.

Last night, the damage at Adepcoca Hospital became known and even some police officers were seen next to civilians carrying dynamite, raising questions about possible intruders.

In view of these facts, the lawyer made it clear that no proceedings had been initiated because “there is no legal security, no protection that the police authorities should offer. Everything is very bureaucratic to file a complaint with the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc). And not to mention the prosecutor’s office for not acting with due seriousness, ”he added.

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She commented that her person as a lawyer in such shootings with explosives goes to the felcc so that the police can use and arrest her. But in such a case, “the police are never trained to arrest these perpetrators at the same scene,” said Cossio.

However, it confirmed the complaint to international bodies and a meeting with the United Nations High Commissioner to investigate the acts and “deeds of honor” committed by the government in these cases.

“That is the only thing we can turn to, because in Bolivia, especially for the coca farmers of the Yungas, there are no rights, there is no justice. It blows when you go to the public prosecutor’s office or to the Felcc, ”explained Cossio.


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