According to a journalist, the government minister used earlier images in a report of the death of a police officer

Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo, in a request for a report in the House of Representatives, presented images corresponding to an event that took place in the Yungas in 2020, as if they were from the month of July of that year, when the police officer Miguel Ángel was dead. Quispe, assured the journalist from the area, Galo Huebner.

On September 7, the government minister participated in a request from MP Beto Astorga of the Civic Community requesting a report on the circumstances surrounding the death of Corporal Quispe in the Yungas area amid a conflict between two sides of the departmental association of coca producers (Adepcoca ).

Journalist Galo Hubner from FMBolivia radio in the Yungas area said that “there is no place to get lost”, thus assuring that the pictures shown by Minister Del Castillo do not reflect the events July 2021.

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“These are images that were taken in late August 2020 when there was a conflict in the industry over coca cultivation, but it does not correspond to the alleged events of July 3 that the minister says where a police officer died,” said Hubner on the Compañera radio.

The journalist explained that the images in the video that the Prime Minister showed in a request for a report actually correspond to another coca-growing conflict that occurred in late August in the San Juan sector, the San Juan de Tocoroni region.

The report that the minister presented to the MPs’ Committee on Government, Defense and Armed Forces was shared on his Facebook account at 10:56 on September 7.

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The pictures show a person who shoots a photo of a mast on the street with an unknown weapon of some kind, causing the power to fail. According to the minister, “a person with a high-caliber firearm, possibly a Mauser rifle, will be identified by local residents,” he said.

If there are several people in the pictures, they are carrying high-quality firearms, according to the authorities. He said that houses had been entered which caused “terror and fear”.


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