Aasana workers ignore the director and start protests

After failing to reach an agreement or meeting with the Ministry of Public Works, officials in the Administration of Airports and Aviation Emergency Services (Aasana) ignored the institution’s current director, Arminda Choque, and decided to resume their mobilizations week ago.

Last week, Israel Ticona, Deputy Minister of Transport, and Aasana Executive Director Arminda Choque ruled out five of the workers ‘ten demands, condemned Aasana Workers’ National Association of Conflicts Secretary Néstor Villarroel.

Following the refusal, workers carried out an extension in which they decided to ignore Choque and take pressure action as of Wednesday Portfolio has no response to this request.

“They can no longer work with the Aasana Supreme Executive Authority (MAE), we have asked for their removal, if they issue an instruction or a memorandum it will be ignored. We ignored them and all their management staff, ”said Villarroel.

The representative pointed out that Choque was not qualified for the position, had failed to extricate the institution from the crisis and failed to hear or take into account the workers’ demands, which is why this was not known.

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For her part, Choque said she had been rejected and harassed by labor leaders since taking office.

In addition, he assured that the workers carry out constant mobilizations and during working hours. “How can you get out of the crisis and move the institution forward when workers are constantly mobilizing,” he said.

According to Villarroel, Ticona and Choque refused to respond to the proposal to restructure the workforce and implemented the board’s proposal for redundancies. The October salary has not yet been canceled either.

Nor did they comment on the return of management to the country’s three main airports.

Choque indicated that returning the management of the three airports to Aasana did not suit him, but that he agreed with the proposal.

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“We will pressurize all airports in the country on Wednesday, and if our demands are not met we will go on hunger strikes. We waited a week to mobilize so they wouldn’t tell us we had political demands, ”said Villarroel.

The MAE reportedly stated that overtime owed will be paid until Aasana has liquidity.


Regarding the Aasana workers’ complaint about the government’s intentions to shut it down and create another one due to its deficit, the facility’s director Arminda Choque pointed out that it was not and urged workers to do so to speak responsibly.

Workers say the government owes workers 9.7 million bolivianos for wage percentages that were not paid in 2020 and two months of the 2021 operation. Aasana charges 10 million Bolivianos every month to pay salaries, but only generates 7.


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