A witness appears in Argentina who claims to have seen supplies being delivered in Bolivia

An employee of the Argentine embassy in Bolivia assured that he was there at the exact moment when the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) and the Bolivian police received the anti-riot equipment allegedly sent by Argentina during the 2019 post-election crisis.

The witness, interviewed by the Página 12 newspaper, assured that he had received the alleged letter of thanks from the former commandant of the FAB, Gonzalo Terceros, who is in preventive detention.

Justice Minister Martín Soria told the media that, as a result of this statement, Alberto Fernández’s government was working on an extension of the alleged arms smuggling lawsuit, which is being dealt with in the white-collar criminal justice system.

According to Página 12, the witness is an employee who has worked for the Argentine embassy in La Paz for ten years. For a longer period of time he was even responsible for the security of the diplomatic mission. For security reasons, the point of sale did not reveal his name.

According to him, the employee belonged to the delegation of the Argentine embassy, ​​which in the early morning of the 13th, the Argentines would be raised, who would be repatriated. He was on the catwalk while the suspected weapons were being lowered which were being transferred along with members of the security forces assigned to protect the embassy and the Argentine residence in La Paz.

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“I went to the plane with the officer. We got on the same plane that was already with the back door open and there I saw that they were unloading some very large boxes, ”he said. “What I saw clearly was that they had separated these boxes. One takes (part of) the forklift and puts it in the air force hangar and the other part is loaded into the Bolivian police car, ”he said.

The witness claimed that the arrival of the material was even surrounded by “conflict” due to disagreements among officials about the amount of material to be distributed.

The employee, who has already testified in the Argentine courts, said he had received the note from a third party about the ammunition. “I got a thank you letter at the time, but I received it in a sealed envelope so I never saw it, but later I discovered in the ticket book that I had signed and received that sealed envelope,” he added.

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According to the employee, this ammunition was not used in shooting, as former director of gendarmerie operations Carlos Miguel Recald said at the time.

The alleged arms smuggling case was in the hands of Judge Alejandro Catania on Wednesday.

In the case, former President Mauricio Macri, former Head of Cabinet Marcos Peña, former Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, former Defense Minister Oscar Aguad, former Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, former Secretary for Strategic Affairs Fulvio Pompeo and former Ambassador Álvarez are charged with aggravated smuggling Garcia. Investigations are also underway against the former head of the gendarmerie Gerardo Otero, Caliba, Recalde and the former logistics director Rubén Yavorski.


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