A union sector announces a hunger strike to repeal the law against the legitimation of illegal profits

A section of the Cochabamba unions announced that they would picket the law against the legitimation of illegal profits this Wednesday and ratified their participation in the citizens’ strike on Monday October 11th.

“We’re looking for a place to settle down, looking for some issues we need like tents and mattresses to create this harsh pressure against the arbitrary laws and without consensus imposed by the national government. The The strike will be installed this afternoon. ” “, Reported the board of the National Trade Union and Merchants Association, César Gonzáles.

He said they are analyzing the blockade of roads and the closing of borders for the citizens’ strike.

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In the meantime, an expansion of the federal government with the presence of other trade union areas is being developed, in which the presence of the Minister of Economics is expected. The sector that announced the hunger strike is not participating.


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