A report comes to light confirming the violence committed by Las Londras kidnappers and refuting the government's version

Crucially, the only person arrested for the attack on the Las Londras property remained in prison. A police report presented by the victims’ defense to Ever Álvarez, member of the Second Criminal Chamber of the Santa Cruz Court of Justice, confirmed the armed violence of the group, journalists, police officers and civilians in the Guarayos parish. attack. For this document, Heber Sixto Canaza will be serving his six month preventive detention in Montero Prison.

Canaza has been in custody since November 25, by order of Judge Guarayos. His defense called for his freedom and yesterday, December 27th. The judiciary rejected this request. On December 28th, it was two months since the abduction and the case has stalled.

Prosecutors and the Special Unit to Combat Crime (Felcc) identified Canaza in their investigation as one of the members of the armed group of hooded tyrants who attacked kidnapped police, journalists and farm workers on October 28. Tortured and released after seven hours.

They were forced to sign a document so that they could not return to the location on condition that they retain ownership of the subjugated land in Las Londras.

Colonel imprisoned

On December 9th, Col. Nicanor Corcuy, Provincial Commander of San Julián, Colonel Jaime Aguirre, Regional Commander of Chiquitania, delivered a haunting report that met the requirements of the Finance Commission, composed of Roberto Ruiz, Iván Quintanilla, Delmy Guzmán and Wálter Cisneros.

Corcuy points out that violence broke out in Villa Paraíso and Los Troncos, 40 minutes from San Julián, on November 24th when police and the Tax Commission traveled to San Julián on November 24th to seek out those involved in the incident to arrest. At 7:00 am that day, Corcuy received a call from Col. Carlos David Veizaga asking for assistance in making the arrests.

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Corcuy contacted three other police officers who advised him to leave the area. Then he got the call from the Los Troncos Post Office from Second Sergeant Rudy Crispin Alavi of the Highway Police who confirmed that the parishioners had taken away the interculturality of San Julián. “They forced me into a lead-colored Noah (vehicle) with no license plate. There I identified Paulino Camacho and told him that kidnapping and physical abuse are a crime. They returned the gun to the policeman and he returned to Santa Cruz in plain clothes in good health, ”said part of the police report.

“Corcuy was imprisoned in the San Julián cell, where he is the commandant. The leader of the Villa Paraíso came, Juan Alba took him out of his cell and they went to the Association of Interculturalists under the direction of Paulino Camacho Vedia, ”the document continues.

In his report, the police chief describes the leaders Juan Alba from Villa Paraíso, Elio Cahuiguara and Celso Castillo, both from San Julián, with whom he spoke to stop the violence, as violent.

He smashed denial

On November 24th, police officers and prosecutors were shot dead in San Julián while executing arrest warrants, Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo; the national police in command, General Jhonny Aguilera; the commandant of Santa Cruz, Erick Olguín; and the director of the Felcc, Edson Claure, denied violence by armed groups against police and prosecutors in San Julián. These reports, which are on file, debunked these allegations.

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The only one arrested for the violence in Las Londras is Heber Sixto Canaza. The defendant remains in prison for six months. The Tax Commission presented the member with the evidence and disclosed Canaza’s criminal record.

Victims ‘defense attorney Raquel Guerrero and journalists’ association president Roberto Méndez delivered two new videos confirming that Canaza was a member of the armed group in Las Londras.

Canaza’s defense pledged his innocence and assured that no one recognized him and that he should be released. He produced a certificate stating that he is an agronomist and worked in Las Londras on October 28, where he allegedly owned a business.

That was confirmed by the Senasag. Victims ‘defenses and prosecutors questioned Canaza’s attempt to justify working “honestly” when he hooded and armed attacks on police, journalists and civilians with impunity that day – the victims’ defense stood out – with impunity operated.

“This is the first time we’ve heard that kidnapping and torture involving an armed group of hooded men are honestly working,” Guerrero said before the spokesman.

In the meantime, the Unique Federation of Farmers’ Workers decided to support Heber Sixto Canaza to work at Emapa, a public food establishment.

Heber Canaza is a “colleague with a professional profile”, but above all “a committed colleague who wants to support and continue the change process”. The document is signed by the entire Executive Committee of the Unique Federation of Farming Workers, an institution affiliated with the MAS.


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