A person dies in Potosí after being washed away by the San Juan del Oro River

A man identified as Ruperto BV, who was reported missing days earlier, died after being washed away by the San Juan de Oro River in Potosí. His body was found last Monday in Villazon in the Modesto Omiste province of the Potosí department on the banks of the river.

It is known that the man tried to cross the bank on Sunday afternoon and, amidst the bustle, would have fallen into the river, the current of which had increased due to the rains. The complaint about his disappearance was filed by residents of Selocha and the body was found in Oropeza.

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According to local media, the Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc) legally removed the body.

According to the deputy minister for civil protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, 8 people have been killed by the rains so far, 6 of them in La Paz.


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