A non-commissioned officer of the General Staff believes that there were no riots in 2019

John Kennedy Vásquez, representative of NCOs, NCOs, corporals and police officers on the General Staff of the Police, denied that the 2019 movement was constituted in a “riot” on the part of the olive-green troops, although he made it clear that there must be excesses on the part of their comrades in responsibility be personal.

“I wouldn’t call it a riot. It is being abused (that term). in the units and that. That happened, for which I tell you that I do not think the term mutiny is appropriate, “said Vásquez in an interview with Erbol.

He pointed out that if there have been police officers exceeding the events of 2019, the responsibility rests with Intuitu Personae and that there are cases to which they must submit in case they have committed any misdemeanor or crimes.

“That doesn’t have to fix all of my comrades as I tell you the actions are Intuitu Personae and obviously they will certainly demonstrate their participation in these mobilizations these days,” he said.

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In November 2019, police officers mobilized and protested against Evo Morales’ then government, demanding his resignation amid a spasm created over allegations of electoral fraud.

The chief warrant officer alleged that his facility had the ability to make observations and statements, but within the limits of the regulations and without committing any wrongdoing or criminal offense.

He stated that there were groups of some police officers in 2019 who certainly influenced the rest of their comrades, but it is not possible to generalize them all through these actions. “I think rather that most of my comrades did not agree to leave the population without security,” he added.

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The law of promotions

Regarding the controversy that arose from the draft law on the promotion of the police, Sergeant Vásquez pointed out that the norm has been socialized in the trunk axis and that with it his institution will have a voice and a decision in the general staff.

Regarding the controversy that the government minister will join the police command, the non-commissioned officer of the General Staff was of the opinion that there should not be much controversy in this regard, since in the structure of the unit they depend on the commander and the minister.

He added that as police officers in their sector, they always wanted to have a technical degree similar to that of the Bundeswehr. The draft law defines the career path for NCOs and NCOs with a higher technical level in police science.


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