A military vehicle crashes into the Choqueyapu River in La Paz due to a brake failure;  there is one injured

A vehicle belonging to the ninth military contingent used to combat contraband was involved in a traffic accident this Friday, crashing into the Choqueyapu River on Costanera Avenue in La Paz city. One person was injured and treated at a health center.

The motorized Toyota Land Cruiser drove out of the town of El Alto, but could no longer be controlled by the driver due to the failure of the brakes and fell into the water of the river at the level of Club Sargentos.

The motorized one was dragged several meters by the force of the water.

“Thank goodness the driver of the vehicle was rescued thanks to police personnel who were nearby. The vehicle was dragged about 200 meters due to the force of the water, ”said the director of South Zone Transit, Lieutenant Colonel Miño Torrico.

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In a statement, the Vice Ministry of Anti-Smuggling reported that the accident, Second Sergeant Rider Diego Mamani T Quispe, was diagnosed with polycontinence (a wound in the nose and a small fissure in the right wrist) and light blows to the head.

Alcohol in the blood was also excluded after an alcohol test. His health is stable.

The accident-insured vehicle was recovered with the help of a tow truck.


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