A massive majority in the legislature enforces the norms without debate

In the last few hours the absolute majority of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) has given its approval to two norms: the General State Budget (PGE) 2022 in the Senate and the Law on Carriage for the armed forces, in deputies.

Yesterday, the majority of the MAS in the plenary session of the House of Representatives approved the draft law on the advancement of the armed forces without allowing changes to the document and avoiding debates.

Whenever the opposition MPs observed, questioned or asked for explanations on certain issues, MPs of the ruling party generally, after one or two opposition MPs had spoken, resorted to Article 104 of the Chamber of Representatives’ General Rules of Negotiation on “sufficient discussion” proceed with the approval of the respective article.

During the session of the House of Commons, in the face of specific requests from an opposition MP to the President of the Commission on Government, Defense and Armed Forces, Santos Mamani (MAS), he avoided answering the question in order to produce documents and invite them to visit your office.

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This aspect was rejected by the opposition MPs as they found the reaction offensive.

But the demands of the Citizen Community (CC) and Creemos legislators were useless; the official MAS sanctioned the law on the pretext of sufficient discussion.

Article 104 of the Members’ Regulations for Debates refers to “A motion for sufficient discussion is that which may be made on the suggestion of an alternate or an alternate assisted by five Members in order to bring the debate to a close.”

According to some sections of the armed forces and members of the national opposition assembly, the sanctioned norm that will be submitted to the executive for promulgation will mean the submission of the military unit to political power.


Similarly, in the midst of a debate on the General State Budget (PGE) in 2022, the majority of MAS imposed and sanctioned the document without any change whatsoever.

Opposition lawmakers asked their questions about the 2022 Finance Bill, arguing that allocations for government advertising, public corporations, and other spending have increased.

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In vain were Senator Rodrigo Paz Pereira’s statements about the actions of several public companies with deficits but with budget allocations. As an example he named the companies San Buenaventura and Quipus.

However, the MAS did mention that the opposition’s intent and amendments are aimed at “shrinking” the state, reducing support for strategic companies recovering from the 2020 crisis.

Senator defends the PGE law

The President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, stressed that the law on the general state budget in 2022 will prioritize issues such as health, education and production. “It is clear that there were some observations and other coincidences in some articles,” he summarized.

One of the observations concerns the allocation of more resources to the internal security of the state in view of priority issues such as health.

“In contrast to the 2.9% increase for 2022, the general government budget shows that more resources are being allocated to defense and police, totaling over 4 billion Bolivians, as opposed to health and education, which are over 23 billion Bolivians” he reasoned.


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