6,149 cases in one day, experts

The Ministry of Health yesterday reported a new record of Covid-19 infections in the country with 6,149 positive cases in a single day. Because of its epidemiological characteristics, health experts think it is “most likely” that the Omicron variant is already in Bolivia. Meanwhile, they regret the loosening of the biosecurity measures in the population.

That number of positives exceeded Tuesday when there were 4,939 cases.

Coincidentally, explained health expert Guillermo Accounts, “the highest number of cases in the entire pandemic was registered worldwide (on Monday) within 24 hours. This would be called an epidemiological storm. According to a review of the AFP data, an average of more than 935,000 infections per day were reported between December 22nd and 28th.

“However, the death rate has dropped significantly; This is the first feature of the omicron variant, it is less aggressive, ”said Accounts. The second is that it is “more contagious than the rest of the variants” epidemiologically. According to a health ministry report, the country’s death rate fell from 6.2 percent in the first wave to 0.9 percent in the fourth wave.

“So it’s more likely” that the Omicron variant is already in circulation in the country, although a new report from the National Institute of Health Laboratories (Inlasa) ruled out the variant again on Wednesday, said epidemiologist Virgilio Prieto. In addition, the epidemiologist Christian Gómez added that cases have already been identified in neighboring countries.

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“This had shown that it would happen because of the trend in the country. We will probably have the highest peak next month and de-escalation will begin from there, ”Prieto analyzes.

Another cause of the trap explosion is the easing of measures. “The biosecurity measures have been neglected in everything and there are people who don’t go to the vaccination centers. It’s like a punishment for indiscipline, ”lamented Gómez.

The experts reaffirmed the importance of vaccination. They also recommended that the year-end parties be held in less crowded locations.

They warn of the risks of a new variant in minors; Recommend vaccination

The director of La Paz Children’s Hospital, Alfredo Mendoza, warned yesterday of the symptoms of this new variant of Covid-19 and recommended vaccinating minors between the ages of 5 and 11.

“We have to take the same measures that we took against the other variants, that is: maintain or strengthen biosecurity measures; when we go out with our children, they have to wear a mask; Avoid the crowds, and best of all, when our children are old enough to get vaccinated, pediatric hospital admissions have increased fivefold, particularly in New York and two other states. Although we do not experience this in the country, we can prevent it, ”he said.

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At the children’s hospital, he said, there is currently only one child with Covid-19 in the hospital, and although the occurrence of the Omicron variant in the country has not yet been confirmed, parents have been made aware of the symptoms that can occur: hoarse voice , Cough with discharge and profuse sweating even without a fever at night.

Victim of the virus

The head of the Department of Epidemiology of the Department of Health of the Department (Headquarters) of Potosí, Huáscar Alarcón, reported this Monday that a five-year-old girl had died of Covid-19 after contracting one of her relatives.

This was the second case in less than a month.


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