50 Bolivian homes in Iquique were ravaged by the fire

The Bolivian consul in Iquique, Eloy Poma, reported that at least 50% of the 100 homes destroyed by the insatiable fire at the immigration camp are Bolivians who live and work in this Chilean community, according to preliminary reports.

Poma said what had happened was a “shame” and regretted that the fire completely destroyed the houses, meaning that Bolivian compatriots had lost practically everything. “Their houses burned down completely,” he said.

“100 houses were burned down and 50% would belong to our compatriots,” said Bolivian consul in Iquique, Eloy Poma, according to a preliminary report by Radio Compañera.

He added that, according to a data collection unit, “there is a register of 80 people (affected) Bolivians,” he complained to the Bolivian diplomat.

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A refugee camp in the city of Iquique in the Tarapacá region was affected by a major accident on Monday. The fire started around 4:00 p.m. in the area of ​​some land catchment areas, called Laguna Verde, and made the work of the fire fighters more difficult due to the special features of the location.

Poma explained that these are long-established settlements, an area where the buildings are made of wood, so the fire would have spread quickly.

The village is home to Bolivians who have various activities, many of them in connection with construction work, including the free zone.

The consul pointed out that one of the primary tasks was to document the Bolivian residents, as if their homes had burned down, they would also have lost their official documents.

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The community authorities set up camps to house the affected people.


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