30,000 second cans of Sputnik V arrive in Bolivia

A batch of 30,000 second doses of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine arrived in Bolivia this morning and 293,000 doses are still missing to complete the vaccination schedule for those vaccinated in mid-May, said Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Benjamin Weiss.

“These 30,000 second cans correspond to the batch of 400,000 (first) cans that arrived in our country on May 15th. There is still a balance of 293,000 cans that have to arrive from this batch, but they are sticking to shipments, ”Blanco said at a press conference.

Blanco said the 293,000 missing doses account for 4.1% of the vaccinable population and that the first doses of the Russian vaccine that have arrived in the country have not yet been completed.

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Regarding the distribution of the batches, the Vice Minister pointed out that this would be carried out in the same proportion as the first doses were distributed, but did not provide any information on the quantities.

Blanco also stressed that with the arrival of 3.3 million doses of Sinopharm, announced for Monday, 99.9% of the first doses needed to care for the vaccinable population in Bolivia would be received.


In total, Cochabamba received 189,455 first doses of Sputnik V. To date, around 50,000 people have received the second component and around 14,000 have already reached the 90-day period.


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