2.2 million students attend distance learning

Deputy Education Minister Bartolomé Puma reported this Friday that 2.2 million students in the regular system are taking distance learning, while 634,000 attend in mixed mode and 200,000 in person. It is estimated that there are 3 million students in the country.

“In the last week of July there are 2,209,670 students taking distance learning. Blended classes are 634,000 and face-to-face are 200,000 students. The highest concentration of students is in the capital cities, ”Puma told the Unitel network.

Puma stated that the number of educational units was reversed; In rural areas there are more schools but fewer students.

The deputy minister emphasized that there are regions like Pando and Beni, in which 90% of the teaching units already take place in face-to-face classes.

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He said the return to classroom teaching will be gradual, following epidemiological reports and progress in containing the pandemic.

He claimed that 90% of teachers were already vaccinated against Covid-19.

Winter time

Puma reported that the extended winter hours have come to an end. From Monday, August 2nd, classes in all educational units in Bolivia will again take place during the regular winter hours, ie with a 30-minute delay. The departure is also 30 minutes later.

Until this Friday, the extended winter plan was in effect with a 1 hour delay when entering the class and the same extension when leaving.

“We would go back to normal winter mode, that is, if they entered at 8:00 am, they would leave at 8:30 am instead of 9:00 am; and in the afternoon they left an hour earlier and now they leave half an hour earlier, ”he said.

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