18 days after the kidnapping in Las Londras, police say they cannot arrest the bullies

Eighteen days after the kidnapping and attack on journalists, police officers and civilians in Las Londras, Guarayos, the Crime Fighting Force (Felcc) said Monday that it cannot arrest four people involved in the 1386 law strikes.

“We are in a difficult moment when there is social unrest and it is also making it difficult for the police to travel to where we believe these people are,” said Felcc’s national director, Alberto Aguilar, quoted as saying from radio xito.

Aguilar assured that the hooded men were identified by the victims and indicated that the case will not go unpunished.

At the end of October, hooded men belonging to an irregular group took hostage a group of journalists who, accompanied by the police, were checking submission in the area. They were released after seven hours during which they were beaten and threatened with death.

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