10 soldiers and a former minister escorted Murillo and López to the border to leave the country

Ten soldiers of various ranks and a former minister escorted Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López to the border to travel to Brazil a few days before Luis Arce took command of the country, according to a report leaked to Página Siete.

According to military reports from September 2021, at least 10 military personnel were involved in the approval, preparation and execution of an operational plan for the transfer of the two former authorities.

A general, colonel, lieutenant, a non-commissioned officer and a sergeant are among the uniformed men who initiated and carried out the operation, according to the report.

The exit process of the two former authorities took two days and the journey led from Santa Cruz to a border point with Brazil.

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According to military reports, Murillo and López were escorted to Puerto Suárez, from where they went to Puerto Quijarro. On the other side of the border, in Brazil, the city of Corumbá is the nearest town.

Murillo is currently in preventive detention in the US for money laundering, and López in Brazil.

Both have arrest warrants in Bolivia for various government sponsored cases.

Murillo and López were key figures in Jeanine Áñez’s interim government.


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