10 sectors prepare unemployment in 9 cities and MAS activates containment measures

At least 10 sectors ratified the October 11 strike to oppose the law against the legitimation of illegal profits, and mobilizations are planned in the nine capitals and El Alto. For its part, the government has activated several containment measures to weaken the pressure measure in time to signal that it is a political measure.

This struggle mingles with the celebrations of the 39th anniversary of the restoration of democracy, which are remembered today and seen as a stage for testing strengths. On Tuesday the MAS will hold demonstrations in defense of the government.

Trade unions, transport of some cities, Bolivian Medical School, Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade), Citizens’ Committees of Santa Cruz, Potosí, Cochabamba, Beni and Tarija; the mayors of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz government, civic platforms and political organizations reaffirmed the pressure on the law, which they believe violates the rights of Bolivians by allowing the government to investigate assets Suspicion.

Other sectors, such as transport in Cochabamba and La Paz, as well as farmers, interculturalists, the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) and the MAS related mayors and governorates such as Oruro and Sucre. However, they are resisting the pressure, and state universities that have announced that they will not comply with this pressure measure.

Yesterday the unions ratified the pressure measure. “We are more than two million union sectors, we are all being mobilized to stop this law that is supposed to harm all productive sectors, we are going to take to the streets and ask all sectors to join this mobilization,” said top union leader Francisco Figueroa in La Paz.

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From Santa Cruz, the mayor Rómulo Calvo declared that “the strike is for another Bolivia. Just check out the media and see the laws they pass every day. The strike is for a democratic and respectful Bolivia, the people of Santa Cruz and the Bolivians have shown education and tolerance, it is a virtue ”.

“October 10th will commemorate 39 years of the recovery of democracy hanging by a thread because we have a government that enacts threatening laws,” said Calvo.

The chairman of the Citizens’ Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, spoke out in favor of the strike and asked for support from the population.

“The CC knows very well, and it knows because we are radically opposed to the illicit profits law that the MAS intends to pass, which is approved by MPs because it is in the name of a good cause to create a police state . ” ,” he said.

The politician pointed out that 39 years of democracy will be commemorated this Sunday and that there will be a concentration in the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights (Apdhb).

La Paz Mayor Iván Arias confirmed this Saturday that the seat of government will join the national citizens’ strike against political persecution on Monday and the legislative package, including the Illegal Profits Legitimacy Act, which he believes “It looks pretty out “” but it is “cursed” because it violates democratic rights and freedoms, and he suggested that the government “archive” it.

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Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta said this Saturday that the October 11 strike, called by civic groups and trade unions, would seek “impunity” for those responsible for the alleged coup and would also aim to destabilize Luis Arce’s government.

“We are not surprised that they are doing this strike, because it has two goals: on the one hand, impunity, because in this strike that you are promoting there is no social demand; on the other hand, they try to destabilize, ”he claimed.

Meanwhile, the executive branch began to take measures to contain the strike. The Telecommunications and Transportation Regulatory and Supervisory Authority (ATT) announced that this institution will ensure the normal provision of telecommunications and transportation services until October 11th.

The Ministry of Labor also issued a statement stating that Monday’s activities are normal and workers who do not visit their sources of work will be sanctioned.

In addition, the government ministry announced that it would not allow excesses or violence and would mobilize the police for control.

In Cochabamba City Councilor Joel Flores (MAS) denounced that Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa was forcing officials to abide by the strike. The mayor’s office said it decided to close its doors on Monday at the request of workers and unions.

Vice President David Choquehuanca reiterated that the opposition only wanted impunity.


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