10 people are injured in clashes between community members and cooperative members in Mapiri

The conflict lasted for several months, this time 10 people were injured, including a policeman from the Bolivian police, in a new confrontation between members of the Mapiri community in northern La Paz and mining cooperatives.

The Vice Minister of the Interior and Police, Emilio Rodas, confirmed this information and stated that they had been transferred to the city of La Paz for medical treatment.

“There have been injuries among cooperative members, we have the information that there are 10 injured, we have a police officer who is injured, but they are not serious,” the agency said in contact with the media.

That Friday, a group of Mapiri residents called “The Children of the People of Santa Rosa” broke into the land of the Nueva Esperanza II cooperative. As a result, there were clashes with dynamite puppies and several people were injured.

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Police said police tried to stop the clashes, but these were exceeded by the number of parishioners who turned up at the scene. At the moment there are 45 officers and another contingent will be deployed in the next few hours to increase the security of the population.

In the videos broadcast on social networks, the group of villagers can be seen throwing dynamite pups at the miners. Another shows women and children running to escape the detonation of explosives.

In this context, Rodas asked whether these violent events were recurring and warned that mining rights are protected by Bolivian law as they are enshrined in law. He asked community members to share their observations through the appropriate channels.

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According to the information portal Agenda Minera, a member of the cooperative denounced that the thugs used the miners’ rest time to break into the property.

At the same time, the employee stated that this is the third time that these events have occurred and that they are invading their country to rob them of their jobs. It suggested that repeated reports were submitted to the Mining Administrative Jurisdictional Authority (AJAM) and the Department of Mining, but they did not provide a solution to the conflict.

There was a similar problem last May when five people were injured, including two police officers. The parishioners refused to allow the miners to subjugate indigenous areas.


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